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Design and aesthetics are the top priority of any building you design. Our 2000 Series Elevator Slot Drain lets you easily meet the flow rates needed in any building code, while maintaining a sleek, nearly invisible look. The 2000 Series meets all ADA requirements, while also achieving a 100 GPM flow rate necessary for some building codes.


Designed to meet the following requirements:

Complies with New York City Building Code 3007.3

Complies with 2013 California Building Code 403.6.1, 403.6.2, 3007.4, 3008.4

Complies with San Francisco Fire Code, Section 511.1.4

Complies with 2018 International Building Code 3007.3 and 3008.3

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2000 Series Elevator Slot Drain
2000 Series Multislot Elevator Slot Drain