2000 Series Stainless Steel Elevator Multi Slot Drain

2000 Series Stainless Steel Elevator Multi Slot Drain

Design To Code
Without Sacrificing

The 2000 Series Elevator Slot Drain lets you easily meet the flow rates needed in any building code while maintaining a sleek, nearly invisible look.  The 2000 Series meets all ADA requirements, while also achieving a 100 GPM flow rate with only 3’ of drain length.

    • T316 Stainless Steel Body
    • Heelproof Design ADA Compliant
    • Narrow Seamless Design
    • 100 GPM Flowrate
MaterialsSlot OpeningSelection Lengths

T316 Stainless Steel

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2 1/2” Total (6×5/16” Heelproof)(ADA Compliant)
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3’10” (46″) Section Length

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A convenient tri-clamp hose connector that allows you to empty your tanks without spilling a drop
Made from durable stainless steel, our strainer basket is easy-to-access and will safely collect lost items until they can be retrieved.
Our load-bearing easy-to-access catch basin makes retrieving lost items simple and easy.
A Brush Paddle can scrub the inside of the channel easily and thoroughly. Trappings are then removed from the catch basin.
Close the drain, add sanitizers and wait! Cleaning your floor drains has never been this easy.
Easily connect your drain to a water line for fast and easy cleaning. This feature can be used manually or on a timer.
The cleaning paddle is the simplest way to remove items from the drain. You just insert the paddle, twist 90 degrees and move it along the drain to clear the debris.
Maintain your hardscape's aesthetic while providing instant access to your strainer basket
Technical Information

Material: T316 Stainless Steel

Slot Opening: 15/8” Total (4×5/16” Heelproof) End: End Cap

Thickness: 16GA

Section Lengths: 3’10” (46”)

Custom Lengths available