Case studies

Slot Drain® is installed in numerous applications

Spring Hill Farms

Slot Drain® Systems are installed in food processing facilities such as Spring Hill Farms across North America. For a food processing plant like Spring Hill Farms, they have debris and other discarded parts to drain away. The system helps our clients to maintain a sanitary environment and makes cleaning sediments much easier than using grated trench drains.

Rimbey Fire Hall

Slot Drain® System applied in Rimbey Fire Hall, where it sustains a lot of heavy trucks, outperforming trench drain systems. With Slot Drain® installed, mud and other sediment are easily drained to the channel. It only needs to be cleaned periodically using the included cleaning paddle. There is no risk of broken grates in the facility, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Co-op Car Washes

Slot Drain® is widely used in Co-op Car Washes in North America as it satisfies clients with a safe, durable and easy-cleaning system. Co-op was looking for excellent flow rates and it is corrosion resistant to the car wash chemicals. The drain channel can be cleaned with flush valves automatically, saving labor and money. The maintenance of Slot Drain® is much lower than grated trench drains.

Slot Drain® Systems are installed in hundreds of automotive facilities. Our clients include Walmart Service Centers, Federated Co-op Gas Stations & Car Washes, Esso Service Stations & Car Washes, and many chain and independent automotive dealerships and service stations.







Slot Drain® is applicable wherever floor or ground surfaces are subject to fluids

Slot Drain® was patented in 1988 and was the first-floor drain on the market in North America to utilize the innovative prefabricated, pre-sloped and slotted concept, reducing construction labour costs. Since then, it has been successfully installed in hundreds of applications, satisfying customers and construction professionals alike.

Slot Drain® is available in stainless steel and galvanized steel, with T-sections, 90 and 45-degree elbows to go around corners and other obstacles.

Slot Drain® is made to suit your special requirements. Adaptations have been made to Slot Drain® to accommodate specific depth or flow requirements, drain lengths and handling of process water. Slot Drain® is available to be shipped worldwide and arrives already assembled, and ready to be installed.

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