Incredible capacity and durable as hell

Easy-to-maintain convenient drainage for a safer, cleaner facility.




Engineered to surpass expectations.

An engine purrs like a kitten because someone has been paying attention. Slot Drain is designed to be simply the cleanest, most durable drainage system available. Grates under vehicles deteriorate, break and bend. They’re unsightly, they can trap odors and they’re difficult to remove and clean.

Slot Drain handles the weight of heavy machinery and the volume of a car wash with the clean linear grace of polished stainless steel.

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Slot Drain 9000 series

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  • Self-cleaning
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to install, minimizing labor cost
  • Sleek appearance
  • It’s design controls odors
  • No grating to work around / clean out
  • Slot Drain has been installed successfully in hundreds of car washes, shops, parkades, showrooms, and production facilities all over Canada and the USA.

Slot Drain is the most durable drainage system available. The only parts of the drain exposed are the surface angles, which are made of stainless steel. The rest of the drain is embedded into the concrete, so it can handle whatever weight you want to put on it. There is no grating, which deteriorates, breaks, bends and needs replacing. This makes it especially suited for heavy/high traffic areas, such as car washes, dealerships, parkades, residential and commercial garages.

Four-sloped floors, or contoured floors, are replaced with effective, low maintenance and low cost, two-sloped floors. Gone are the metal gratings and metal covers that are a nuisance to remove and clean.

Self-Cleaning and Easy to Maintain

Due to Slot Drain's pre-sloped, smooth interior and the addition of flush valves, it is pretty much self-cleaning and maintenance free. This system eliminates grates that are difficult to remove, clean out, and replace.

Flush valves can be added to the drain ends, with time control in order to automatically flush the system when needed. Most car washes opt for the flush valves, then hook them up a timer and a sump pump located in the pit. That way, Slot Drain continually cleans itself, reusing/recycling its own water.

Because of the sloped design and slotted system, there is no standing water and no opportunity for foreign objects or debris to accumulate. This design eliminates smelly buildup making the system odor friendly compared to other trench/grated systems.

If manual cleaning is ever required, cleaning paddles are also supplied. The paddles have the same profile as the Slot Drain section and are simply inserted through the slot, then twisted 90 degrees and moved along the drain.

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