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SLOT DRAIN® – Food and Beverage Industry Drain

On the modern food or beverage production floor, cleanliness is a bottom-line consideration. Compromised product creates immediate losses and costs and carries long-term risks.

Slot Drain® is the most durable, sanitary and cost-effective system for food and beverage industry drain applications.

How can Slot Drain® meet the needs of production facilities?

  • It’s the most Sanitary drainage system available
  • It’s Self Cleaning
  • It’s Aesthetically Appealing
  • It’s the most Durable drain system available
  • It’s Load Class Rated to ‘Class F’
  • It’s Corrosion Resistant
  • It’s Easy to Install and Maintain
  • It’s Flow Rates are up to 27 GPM (per foot of Slot)
  • It’s installed in facilities throughout North America

Stainless Steel Heavy Load Slot Drain beverage industry drain

The only parts of the drain exposed are the surface angles, which are made of stainless steel, so it’s easy to scrub down and sanitize. The rest of the drain is embedded into the concrete, so it can handle any weight load. There is no grating to break, bend, rust or otherwise.

Slot Drain® is Self-cleaning and Easy to Maintain

Slot Drain® was specifically designed for the food and beverage production industry. Every aspect of the drain is designed to meet strict cleaning requirements set out by the USDA and FDA.

Cleaning accessories for Slot Drain® include:

Regular Cleaning – Cleaning Paddle & Brush
The cleaning paddle is the simplest way for regular drainage cleaning. You just insert the paddle, twist 90 degrees and move it along the drain to clear the debris.

Frequent Cleaning – Flush Flo
This system is connected to a water line and can be operated with a timer or flushed manually. You can open a valve to let water flush and clean the drain, or set a timer to clean the drain automatically.
The Flush Flo system is highly recommended for the food and beverage processing industry.

Clean in Place (CIP)
CIP is a method of cleaning that is commonly used in hygiene critical industries. Slot Drain® does not have gratings of any kind, which makes CIP much easier. It is ideal for facilities that require frequent cleaning and sanitation.

Slot Drain® Materials & Profiles

Slot Drain® is available in stainless steel and galvanized steel, with T-sections, 90-degree and 45-degree elbows to go around corners and other obstacles.

Learn More about Slot Drain®

Our professional staff are available to provide suggestions for food or beverage industry drain layouts.

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