Slot Drain® Benefits & Features

Slot Drain® is a one-piece, built-in sloped, open floor drain/surface drain system that is comparable in price yet superior in many ways.

Slot Drain® was patented in 1988 and was the first floor drain on the market in North America to utilize the innovative prefabricated, pre-sloped and slotted concept, reducing construction labour costs.

Slot Drain® has many applications and is suitable wherever floor or ground surfaces are subject to fluids, or have frequent cleaning requirements.

Slot Drain® has been utilized throughout the world in a multitude of applications. Some current installations include:

Food Production, Storage and Distribution

— Dairy Farms
— Slaughterhouses
— Processing Plants
— Supermarkets
— Delis
— Cold Storage
— Warehouses

Beverage Processing

— Breweries
— Slaughterhouses
— Wineries
— Cellars
— Distilleries

Industrial + Manufacturing

— Ports
— Docks
— Distribution Centers
— Cold Storage
— Warehouses

Civic + Public

— Public Safety Buildings
— Plazas
— Landscapes
— Roads
— Highways
— Pools

Agriculture + Animal Facilities

— Urban Farms
— Greenhouses
— Hatcheries
— Zoos
—Animal Hospitals


— Car Washes
— Service Stations
— Parkades
— Dealerships

Landscape + Pool

— Patios
— Plazas
— Parks
— Swimming Pools
— Playgrounds


— Garages
— Bathrooms
— Entryways
— Swimming Pools

Applications for Slot Drain® don’t stop there, creative construction professionals are continuously discovering new applications.

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