Snow clogged in drains

Trench Drain Troubles After Heavy Snow

Trench drain troubles are freezing parts of North America. Drains are icing up and blocking water flow as storms bring flooding to the Eastern United States and Atlantic Canada. Rainfall warnings remain in some areas such as Nova Scotia and workers have been busy clearing the iced over grated trenches. These tasks take a lot of time and labor as they have to use spades to break the ice in order to let the water flow.


Trench Drain Trouble with Snow
Photo Credit: Global News

Why Do Grated Trench Drains cause Trouble?
Clearing the clots of snow and ice is labour intensive and expensive. More importantly, if the trenches do not clear the liquid away fast enough, bigger problems like flooding will occur.


Is There an Alternative?
Slot Drain reduces blockages caused by snow and ice. The Slot Drain cleaning paddle is efficient at scraping and shoveling away frozen slush. Ice is more easily broken and water can flow into the pipes, which is a lot more efficient than shoveling away grate after grate.


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