“The drains are working great, no issues”

Mike Black, Valet Car Wash

“Slot Drain is working very well. Since the strainer was installed, there is noticeably less solid waste in our grease pit when we clean it in the morning.”

Frank Issak, Winkler Meats, BRC Food Facility

“I love the simplicity of the drain.  A simple slot in the concrete floor.  I can’t tell you how many times we have taken the pallet jack over it with NO issues at all!”

Jay R Mack, Prairie Pride Brewing

“We are very happy with our Slot Drain System.  We particularly like the narrowness of the slot gap. It makes for easy forklift operation.”

Bryan, Deep Roots Winery

“I am very happy with the product, and I will most likely be ordering an additional drain in the near future.”

Bill Eggert, President of Fairview Cellars

“Love the drains! I show them off to whoever comes by.”

Keith Thompson, Brewery Emperial

“The drains work very, very well. Myself and the homeowner are extremely pleased. And they look great!”

Michael Davis, Garrison Homes

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