Starstruck Labradors Case Study

Starstruck Labradors, located in Three Hills, Alberta, is a company founded with a strong and personal passion for dogs. After a recovery from a devastating car accident in 2006, owner Valina decided to turn her love for her furry friends into a successful business in 2008, alongside her partner, Carleton.

Thus, Starstruck Labradors was born. Their operation quickly grew into a success, owing mainly to Valina and Carleton’s passion, as well as their dedication to care and ethical breeding standards. The owners are always working tirelessly to improve the kennel’s operations and provide the very best for their animals.



When Starstruck Labradors decided to build a new kennel, they faced a unique challenge in finding a suitable drainage system.

“We needed a long drain with a level top and a sloped bottom,” said Carleton Pope, co-owner of Starstruck Labradors, “And no more than a 1/2″ opening, so that puppy paws wouldn’t be able to fall into it.”

Additionally, the material that the drains needed to be made of was also a major consideration.

Carleton points out, “Stainless steel was a must for a kennel, due to the corrosive nature of dog urine and disinfectants.”

In order to meet the unique needs of their operation, Starstruck Labradors approached Slot Drain Systems for assistance in the creation of their custom drainage solution.

How Slot Drain Helped

After considering various options, as well as consulting with a drainage specialist at Slot Drain Systems, Starstruck Labradors decided on the 6000 Series Slot Drain, a pre-sloped, easy-to-install drainage system, as the best solution for their operation.

“I was not familiar with these types of drains,” said Carleton, “And Viking from the company was wonderful to work with and very patient with all my questions.”

Additionally, Slot Drain Systems’ custom fabrication capabilities allowed Starstruck Labradors to have a drainage system tailored to their needs.

Carleton had this to say, “We had some unique requirements on our install, and Slot Drain was able to custom fabricate everything and the cost was very reasonable.”


The 6000 Series Slot Drain has been an excellent addition to Starstruck Labradors’ kennel operations. It’s the perfect fit, a cost effective solution with no sacrifice to the durability and build quality.

“The smaller profile of the 6000 is absolutely perfect for kennel use, as we aren’t dealing with high volumes of water at any given time.” said Carleton.

Additionally, features of the drain are already saving the team time and money. Carleton says, “Emptying the drain basket in the catch basin isn’t anyone’s favorite job, I am 100% certain this feature has already saved our sewer lines from clogging with dog hair.”

By investing in a high-quality drainage system like Slot Drain, Starstruck Labradors was able provide a safer and healthier environment for their dogs and staff.

“This really is a top notch product. I couldn’t believe how great the build quality was when I installed it, and I realized this drain would be around a lot longer than I will. No regrets.”

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