Set The Tone For Drain Sanitizing Within Food and Beverage Plants


Winnipeg Manitoba and Baltimore MD – May 14th 2016 – Slot Drain Systems a leading provider of Linear trench drain for the food and beverage industry, and CleanEdge a manufacturer of a full range of food and beverage sanitizing solutions today announced the availability of an integrated  sanitary solution for food and beverage manufacturing plants. The direct connection between Slot Drains stainless steel drainage suite and CleanEdge’s custom cleaning solutions, allows food and beverage manufacturers to quickly realize time and financial savings with step by step drain sanitizing protocols.

The food and beverage industry requires regular sanitization routines and the cleaning of drains is a daily requirement for many companies. With Slot Drains grateless trench drain solutions, Flush Flo  and drain cleaning tools the amount of time required to perform cleaning procedures is minimal compared to the effort required for grated trench systems. Grated systems require operators to lift and remove grates, set up safety signage, clean the drain covers and carefully set the grates back in place which can be a pinch hazard. None of this is required with a Slot Drain system.

CleanEdge understands that thorough cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting are vital parts to any operation. Their non-toxic, environmentally friendly products safely sanitize. “It is my pleasure to announce that CleanEdge’s line of products are the recommended sanitizing agents for Slot Drain’s line of stainless steel drains for the food and beverage industry”. Said Slot Drain’s VP of business development Viking Kristjansson.  For more information contact Minli Huang press and media correspondent for Slot Drain Systems.

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About CleanEdge

CleanEdge based out of Baltimore Maryland has built a reputation for custom blending superior products, delivering exceptional service, and saving customers up to 30%. CleanEdge products are a better way to clean and stay green.CleanEdge blends, manufactures and delivers a full range of cleaning solutions – including custom formulas. From car washes to food production, manufacturing and asphalt plants, CleanEdge has a better solution. For more information call Mitchell Singer 1.800.982.2436 or email

About Slot Drain

Founded in 1986 Slot Drain is North Americas original manufacturer of a grateless trench drain system.  Slot Drain manufactures a full suit of linear trench drains for food and beverage manufacturers, landscape and residential, Industrial and agricultural markets. The pre sloped drain design offers both a high performance drainage and an attractive sleek look to any environment. Slot Drain is manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba and exported around the world. For more information call 855.497.7508 email

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