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Slot Drain may be customized to retrofit an existing trench drain or pit drain or for new drain installation in an existing floor.

Again, the principal of Slot Drain is that it is simple and easy to install. For retrofit installation, that process is simplified as well. Just cut out where the drain is to be installed, lay the drain down in the pit, using 2 x 4’s to keep it suspended and level with the existing floor, then pour the concrete.

Drain sections arrive fully assembled and ready to install.
No grating to screw on, no anchors or drains to weld, simply bolt the drain ends together, then pour your floor.

Installation Process

    • Tape over the slot.
    • Level and set the drain sections straight to the required height.
    • Assemble the sections using the bolt flanges provided.
    • Place concrete under the drain sections at 8” intervals the day before pouring the floor to assure that  it will resist floating up during the placing of the concrete pour.
    • Pour the floor.
    • Remove tape and spacers in the slot. Grind off spot welds to produce smooth unobstructed slot.



The surface inlet angles which form the slot are used as a screed and the concrete finishing machine trowels right over it.

Our professional staff are available to provide suggested layouts for retrofit installation, as well as specification guidelines for tender purposes. Shop drawings are available upon receipt of purchase orders.


Above – Winery Owner Chose to Retrofit his Drainage System with Slot Drain. Click here to learn more.

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