Prepare for the Rainy Season with Shallow Profile Slot Drain






As rainy season is on its way, many people are exhausted coping with a flooding garage, house, pool, basement, playground, school yard and other places. A residential and light commercial duty drainage system is needed to prepare for these circumstances.

How bad it could be?

While you might not want to think about it before it actually happens, Heavy rain can cause major damage and cost a lot of money. Not to mention the clean-up work. Clogged drainage systems are trouble. If you’ve ever suffered from floods, here’s a drainage solution you don’t want to miss.

What is Slot Drain and why it is a good solution?

Slot Drain is a one-piece, built-in sloped, open floor drain/surface drain system that does not require gratings of any kind. It’s a linear drain that is applicable wherever floor or ground surfaces are subject to fluids.

Unlike grated trench drains, Slot Drain doesn’t have any kind of grating to deteriorate/break/bend and need replacing. The only part appear on the ground is made of stainless steel that doesn’t get rust.

Shallow Profile Slot Dra is shallower than regular Slot Drain and it is a cost-effective system for residential and light commercial use. It is especially suitable for applications with no heavy load requirements.

Reduce inconvenience to users

Slot Drain can be made to ADA compliance that is friendly to pedestrian, high heels and bikes. You don’t need to worry about tripping hazards.

Easy retrofit that you can DIY install

Slot Drain arrives fully assembled and is ready to install. You can check out the installation process here. Retrofit here.

Easy to remove debris / wastewater

Debris in a grated trench drain is difficult to remove. If there’s something clogged in a regular trench drain, grates need to be removed before cleaning.

Slot Drain performs better and the Cleaning Paddle makes removing debris easy. You just need to insert the paddle, twist 90 degree and move along the channel.

Video: How easy to clean slot drain

Cost-effective Solution

Shallow Profile Slot Drain is made in either stainless or galvanized steel. It is durable and low maintenance because of the shallow design, and no grates requirement. Our pricing is very competitive with exceptional quality.

ADA Compliant and minimum maintenance
The slot opening can be made of ½” and it is ADA compliant as well as heel proof. Slot Drain doesn’t need intensive cleaning of grates that it is extremely maintenance friendly.

Places where Light-duty Slot Drain is needed



Driveway entrance


School yards


Commercial Kitchens



How to get started?

You can call us for a free drainage consultation and we can help with selecting the suitable material (stainless or galvanized steel), slot opening and accessories if necessary. We will send you quotation and slot drain is available to be shipped by FedEx. Call us for quotation: 855.497.7508 or send an email to


Know more about Shallow Profile Slot Drain or specify it in your projects.

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