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Slot Drain Applications - Versatile and Adaptive


Slot Drain has many applications and is suitable wherever there is spillage to intercept.

Slot Drain has been utilized all over the world in a multitude of applications. Some current
installations include:



Creative construction professionals are continuously discovering new applications. Contact us for more information on some of our installations and to see if Slot Drain would be right for your project.


Residential Applications

Slot Drain has been used extensively in commercial/industrial applications. (See above list.) However, due to its affordability and easy installation it is well suited for residential use in garages, greenhouses, pools and driveways sloped down to the garage to prevent water/ice build up.

Outdoor Applications

Slot Drain also has many outdoor uses due to its durability. It’s been installed at truck/rail loading docks for spill confinement/containment. It’s also well suited for areas where grating is not suitable/desirable due to heavy traffic. Applications include airport runways, tarmacs and highway bridges/overpasses for joint control, where Slot Drain® would intercept water as well.

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