Load Class Ratings

At Slot Drain Systems, we recognize that reliable drainage solutions must endure various traffic conditions. Our drains are engineered for resilience, capable of withstanding even vehicular traffic, ensuring suitability throughout your entire facility.

Our team of drainage specialists is ready to assist with your project’s specific load requirements. Contact us today to explore how we can support your needs with Slot Drain Systems’ durable solutions!

Load Class A

3,372 lbs – light duty only, suitable for pedestrian traffic.

Load Class B

28,101 lbs – light tire traffic only, suitable for sidewalks and residential parking.

Load Class C

56,200 lbs – heavy duty traffic, commercial application ready.

Load Class D

89,920 lbs – extra heavy duty, suitable for roads and highways.

Load Class E

134,800 lbs – industrial rated, for commercial solid tires or metal wheels (forklifts).

Load Class F

202,320 lbs – extreme heavy duty traffic, reserved for ports or airports.

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