Go with the flow: Slot Drain® Flow Rate

Slot Drain Systems are engineered to deliver exceptional flow rates, ensuring optimal performance under the toughest conditions. Thoroughly tested to meet stringent international standards, our drains guarantee reliability and longevity. With hundreds of successful installations worldwide, our purpose-built drainage solutions are designed to handle any application with ease and efficiency. Experience unrivaled drainage performance with Slot Drain Systems.

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SlopeFlow Rate (gallons per minute)🠋🠋🠋🠋🠋
½”11 gpm (per foot of drain)
1”18 gpm (per foot of drain)
1 ¼”27 gpm (per foot of drain)

Slot Drain’s slope is 1/16” per foot, and the slot width can be adjusted to fit the installation needs, with options ranging from 1/2” to 1 1/4”

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