Q.   Do I need to buy a catch basin?


Although our drains can be designed without the need for a catch basin, they are definitely recommended. Catch basins and strainer baskets make the cleaning process simpler and more efficient by catching solid materials, as well as things that may have been accidentally lost in the drains such as keys or rings.

Q.   Does my floor drain system need a strainer?


Strainer baskets are always recommended to easily prevent any unwanted debris from entering the sewer system, which can cause solid build-up and costly clogs. We even offer locking strainer baskets to add another level of safety to your system.

Q.   What’s the difference between galvanized steel and stainless steel?


The difference between galvanized steel and stainless steel comes down to composition. Galvanized steel is steel that features a zinc coating, which helps to create a barrier between the steel and the air and moisture, protecting it from rust. Stainless steel is steel that is mixed with at least 10% chromium to create an alloy that is corrosion-resistant, as well as bacteria-resistant. Stainless steel is ultimately the more durable option.

Q.   What is the best floor drain material for use with corrosive materials?


Stainless steel is the best floor drain material to use in facilities that clean with or produce corrosive materials. Stainless steel’s alloy composition helps it stand up to chemicals with both high and low pH levels, even in fairly extreme cases.

Q.   How do I choose the right floor drain for my application?


To choose the right floor drain, begin by asking yourself some questions about where the drain will be installed and how it will be used. What application will you be using the drains for? Will there be any heavy forklift or vehicle traffic running over them? Will any harsh chemicals reach the drains? What sanitation conditions must the drains meet? The answers to these questions will help to determine the best product for your needs. If you are still unsure, contact our drainage experts today.

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