Q.   Do I need to buy a catch basin?


Although our drains can be designed without the need for a catch basin, they are definitely recommended. Catch basins and strainer baskets make the cleaning process simpler and more efficient by catching solid materials, as well as things that may have been accidentally lost in the drains such as keys or rings.

Q.   Does my floor drain system need a strainer?


Strainer baskets are always recommended to easily prevent any unwanted debris from entering the sewer system, which can cause solid build-up and costly clogs. We even offer locking strainer baskets to add another level of safety to your system.

Q.   How often should my floor drain catch basin be emptied?


It all depends on use case, including amount of wastewater, amount of solid materials hitting the drains, and application. For instance, a food processing facility that performs frequent equipment wash-downs process will need to empty its production floor catch basins more frequently than its loading dock catch basins.

Q.   How long does it take to clean a slot drain?


Cleaning your slot drain takes only minutes per 10-foot section of drain channel using the brush and paddle utensils. Cleaning is considerably faster if a Flush-Flo or other clean-in-place consideration has been installed in the drainage system.

Q.   What cleaning products are safe for a slot drain?


Stainless steel drainage systems, such as the Slot Drain, are corrosion-resistant and compatible with any cleaning product. Galvanized steel drainage systems require cleaning products with moderate pH values (neither too acidic or too basic).

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