Brewery Drain

Slot Drain manufactures sanitary, safe stainless steel drainage solutions for breweries.

  • It’s the most Sanitary brewery drain system available
  • It’s Self Cleaning
  • It’s Clean in Appearance
  • It’s the most Durable brewery drain system available (No grating to break/bend/replace. Forklift friendly)
  • It’s Corrosion Resistant
  • It’s Easy to Install, Minimizing Labour/Cost

We offer two options:

1) 100% Stainless steel
2) Stainless Steel angles with a fibreglass body

Stainless steel is of course, the most durable, but due cost factors, it may not be a viable option. In that case we can manufacture your drains with stainless steel angles and a fibreglass body. Also, due to our no grating system, Slot Drain can easily handle the weight of forklifts and other equipment commonly used in breweries.

There are no grates to remove while cleaning out. Our drains ship with a cleaning paddle that makes it easy to clear sediment. There are no traps for foreign objects or harmful bacteria to build up.

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