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Heavy Load Slot Drain Installed

Drainage System in Heavy Duty Load Facilities

Agricultural facilities often have heavy vehicles to operate. In farm equipment showrooms like Enns Brothers, a John Deere can weigh up to 15,000 kg (1.5 tons or 33,000 lbs).The challenge is finding a suitable drainage system that doesn’t involve grates that can break down, and even cause injury. Grates can break / deteriorate The biggest problem with grated drains is […]

Slot Drain

Different Types of Drainage Systems

Safe and efficient exit of water from a property or development is a hallmark of good design. Effective management of water, be it stormwater or wastewater, prevents damage to any important assets, creates a safe, hazard-free environment for occupants, and eliminates water stagnation and associated health and safety issues. A smartly-designed linear drainage system addresses […]

Cleaning Slot Drain

Easy Cleaning Slot Drain Systems

Cleaning a clogged trench drain can be a headache. Here’s how slot drain systems offer a better solution. It is a linear trench drain without any kind of grating/cover. ADA compliance makes it pedestrian friendly. It is durable and can also handle forklifts and other heavy traffic. Especially for food processing facilities with intense cleaning […]


Visit Slot Drain at FOOD PROCESS EXPO in Chicago!

What requirements should you take into consideration before building a drainage system in a food processing facility, a winery or a meat handling facility? Want a stainless steel drainage system in a warehouse or commercial kitchen? Cleaning grated drains consumes an excessive amount of time. What alternative drainage system can be installed that saves time […]

Slot Drain Wash Bay

Slot Drain: the Better Trench Drain System

A grated trench drain system is so common in construction that we seldom think about the inconveniences that come along with them – tripping hazards, maintenance, trapped bacteria, time-consuming to clean, replacement costs. Grated trench drains are expensive to maintain. Many construction professionals are used to using these systems and don’t realize there is a […]

Turkey barn install Slot Drain

Turkey Barn Installation of Slot Drain

Slot Drain installation just outside Fresno, California in a large turkey barn. This application required a sanitary, easy to clean drain suitable for long runs. Food grade, stainless steel Slot Drain was the perfect choice for this installation. Check out how easy to clean a slot drain with this video. Know more about Slot Drain […]