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5 Common Drainage Design Mistakes to Avoid

Drainage functionality needs to be considered when constructing a new building or space. If this doesn’t happen, drainage design mistakes can occur and cause a multitude of issues. The best way to minimize drainage design mistakes is by learning how to spot the most common issues – before they happen. “This is where XXX council […]

How much do you spend per year to clean your trench drain?

Cleaning drainage systems in food or beverage processing facilities can be expensive. Drain sanitation requirements are determined by the USDA Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures Handbook. To prevent contamination and to pass inspections, facilities need to follow the USDA sanitation guidelines. The USDA states drains need to be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent the creation of […]

Set The Tone For Drain Sanitizing Within Food and Beverage Plants

  Winnipeg Manitoba and Baltimore MD – May 14th 2016 – Slot Drain Systems a leading provider of Linear trench drain for the food and beverage industry, and CleanEdge a manufacturer of a full range of food and beverage sanitizing solutions today announced the availability of an integrated  sanitary solution for food and beverage manufacturing plants. The direct connection between Slot […]

Where Drainage Matters in Breweries

Experienced brewers understand the long term cost savings associated with proper waste water management. Properly designed waste water collection reduces water usage, labor and maintenance costs as well as utility expenses to run cleaning or pressurized equipment. The Craft Brewers Association published a Waste Water management report in 2015 showcasing that the average brewer uses […]

Visit Slot Drain at Craft Brewers Conference

Get free drainage consultation at Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia. Drainage systems are essential to a brewery. If you are building a fermentation room, or thinking to retrofit the drains in your facility, come by our booth for layout and material ideas of a drainage system. Booth Number:2351. Add our booth to your show plan. […]

Visit Slot Drain at AIA Convention 2016

AIA Convention is the largest annual gathering of architects and design professionals in the U.S. Slot Drain is exhibiting at the convention and providing different drainage solutions. Our drainage experts will help you with plumbing design and layout applied in different facilities – food and beverage processing facilities, municipal and public buildings, landscape, swimming pools, roads […]