Airport Drainage System

Slot Drain is the ideal airport drainage system

Airport Slotdrain






The surface drainage system in an airport should have the capacity of handling large volumes of water in short time periods. Grating can break down and it is time-consuming to maintain or replace.

The sturdy design of Slot Drain can handle any weight you put over it, no need to constantly replace costly grating.

Quick and easy to install (Drain sections arrive fully assembled)
– Safe, No risk of Foreign Objects
– Impact and corrosion resistant
– Neat and aesthetic appearance
– Self Cleaning / Maintenance friendly

Slot Drain is durable as the only parts of the drain exposed are the surface angles, which are made of stainless steel. The rest of the drain is embedded into the concrete, so it can handle whatever weight you want to put on it. This makes it especially suited for heavy/high traffic areas, such as vehicle maintenance facilities, airports, parkades, warehouses, truck and rail loading docks.


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